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January 25, 2024 
Annual Meeting

2024 Annual Meeting

Thursday, January 25, 2024

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

St. Paul's Church, Selleck Hall

I-95 Project-Noise Abatement


  • Meet & Greet with coffee & cookies from 6:00 until 6:30 PM

  • Business Meeting begins at 6:30 PM

  •  Intro & vote for the 2024 Board slate

  •  Treasurer's Report

  • I-95 Project with Q&A with keynote speakers from the CT DOT

    • Jonathan Dean, PE (Project Manager)

    • Becca Hall, PE, PTOE, RSP21, PMP (Project Manager)

    • Marian Hull (Outreach Lead)

Riverside Association Annual Meeting-January 2024

Riverside Association Annual Meeting-January 2024

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From our
January 19, 2023 
Annual Meeting

2023 Annual Meeting

Thursday, January 19, 2023

7:00 PM - 8:45 PM

Downtown Riverside

Key Note Speaker: Patrick LaRow, New Director of Planning and Zoning

Join us at St. Paul’s Church, Selleck Hall.

  • Meet & Greet with coffee from 7:00 until 7:30 PM.

  • Business Meeting begins at 7:30 PM

    • Intro & vote for the 2023 Board slate

    • Treasurer’s Report

    • Approve Revised Bylaws

    • New Logo/Branding /Website

    • How to report a problem with telephone poles and wires 

  •  Downtown Riverside: 

    •  Greenspace Tree Planting Plans

    • Other options on the table

  •  Q&A

From our
January 8, 2021 
Annual Meeting

**Our 2021 meeting was conducted via Zoom**




  • Business Meeting:

    • Recognition of outgoing Board members

    • Vote confirming 2021 Board of Governors Slate

    • Co-Presidents’ Message

    • Treasurer’s Report

    • Membership Minute

  • Presentation

    • Building a “Sense of Place” in Riverside with Richard Hein, Chair of the POCD Greenscapes Committee​

  • Q&A

    • First Selectman Fred Camillo, Town Planner Katie DeLuca, and State Representatives Harry Arora and Steve Meskers​

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From our
January 23, 2020  Annual Meeting


St. Paul's Church (Selleck Hall), 200 Riverside Avenue


From our
January 31, 2019 Annual Meeting

In case you missed it…watch the video of the Eastern Greenwich Civic Center Panel Discussion.


Panelists include:

  • Peter Tesei - Greenwich First Selectman

  • Joe Siciliano - Director - Greenwich Parks and Recreation

  • Alan Monelli - Superintendent - Building and Maintenance - Greenwich Public Works Department

  • Darrell DeMakes - Vice President - Riverside Association of Greenwich

What's Happening with the Eastern Greenwich Civic Center?

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Eastern Greenwich Civic Center, 90 Harding Road, Old Greenwich





After a brief social gathering and the business of electing new governors to the Board, our meeting will focus on plans for the Eastern Greenwich Civic Center. At 7:50 PM the topic will be introduced by First Selectman Peter Tesei and questions from the pubic will be entertained by EGCC committee members.

Why discuss the Civic Center?

  • Back in October, we sent an email blast asking what topic people would most like to see discussed at the annual meeting. The runaway winner was the EGCC.

  • This facility and its poor condition have been a concern to Riverside and Old Greenwich residents for more than a decade. Many residents are still in the dark about whether the planning group making the formal recommendations to the Town will support simply reworking the existing structure or adding new athletic and community facilities.


What has been going on?

  • In June 2018 the Town conducted a survey of residents, facilitated by an external consultant, to better understand what residents want at the site on Harding Road in Old Greenwich. Responses were received from 2,385 people and the data was aggregated by Sports Facilities Advisory (SFA), the consulting firm, to recommend a course of action for Greenwich. The detailed results of this summer’s survey and the recommendations are in a 167 page report. In particular, the executive summary on pages 2 & 3 give the opinion of the consulting company charged with managing the survey, and pages 21 & 22 show the top results of the survey.

  • The Office of the First Selectman created an EGCC Advisory Committee to evaluate the survey results and develop the request for the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) for the upcoming town budget cycle. Members of this committee include:

    • Gary Dell’Abate, Committee Chair (Parks & Rec board member)

    • Katie DeLuca (town planner)

    • Karen Fassulliotis (BET)

    • Scott Johnson (Parks & Rec board member)

    • Alan Monelli (Public Works)

    • Meg Nolan (community rep, Old Greenwich)

    • Kirk Schubert (Parks & Rec board member)

    • Joseph Siciliano (Parks & Rec Director)

    • Susan Snyder (Parks & Rec staff)

  • The committee has met this fall to determine the characteristics of a new civic center and put together an RFP for architects to design the structure.

  • A funding request for the project has been included in the First Selectman’s CIP proposal for the coming fiscal year.

  • Please come prepared with questions and let your neighbors know about this event. It is open to all.


Click below for a printable 8.5” x 11” PDF flyer in

Color or Black & White


EGCC Redevelopment Replacement Goals 3-page PDF

EGCC Redevelopment Executive Summary & Survey Graphs 6-page PDF

Detailed Report from Sports Facilities Advisory consultants 141-page PDF

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