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Sample DOT Emails

If you have concerns about Project #056-0316, send an email to Mr. Neil Patel, Project Manager, at the address below:



And cc:;;;;;;;


Sample Letter A. Focusing on Noise Pollution


Dear Mr. Patel:

During the webinar regarding Project 56-0316 on January 21st it was made clear that:
• No sound barriers were going to be added to the highway
• There is no plan to address the noise coming from the vibrating Mianus River Bridge structure
• A significant number of trees will be removed, with no replanting planned as part of the project, thus increasing the noise and air pollution Greenwich faces
• Property values of our homes could be impacted.

Noise pollution is a real problem and it is getting worse in Riverside! The DOT needs to conduct a noise study and work with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to address the issues along I-95. And our elected officials need to work with you to get the funds to pay for the noise study, sound barriers and quiet pavement for the North Mianus Bridge.

Please let me know what steps you plan to take as part of Project 56-0316 to abate the highway noise.

<<Your name>>
<<Your address>>

Sample Letter B. Stop Tree Removal


Dear Mr. Patel:

On January 21st, the DOT unveiled their program to repair the road surfaces and the 22 bridges between Exit 3 and Exit 6 along I-95. I appreciate that the bridges and pavement will at last get the maintenance attention they deserve. I disagree with the decision not to study the level of traffic noise between Exits 3 and 6. If the noise level shows that barriers are needed, then put them in place as part of this highway project.

Also, I cannot fathom why the DOT is taking away the natural barrier to sound and emission pollution provided by these trees and bushes. It appears you have taken the road of convenience, where it’s easier to clear-cut rather than maintain roadside vegetation. The webinar indicated that approximately 2 acres of trees will be removed! It is unacceptable that we are eliminating this many trees! These trees serve many purposes including screening, noise reduction, air quality remediation, stormwater runoff protection, and wildlife habitat.
To accomplish the state’s climate goals, the DOT needs to protect the state’s green infrastructure by:
• Establishing a highway tree maintenance program which would include curtailing unnecessary tree pruning
• Prohibiting clear cutting of trees
• Conserving urban and edge forests, as construction is done along I-95

Over the last three years the DOT maintenance choices have degraded the quality of life in Riverside. Our residential neighborhood is noisier, the air is dirtier and the loss of trees has made the drive through Connecticut on I-95 unattractive.

Can you please tell me what efforts you will make to address my concerns?

<<Your name>>
<<Your address>>

Sample Letter C. Add Noise Barriers near Schools


Dear Mr. Patel,

With a budget of $205 Million, targeted sound barriers can be incorporated into State Project Number 56-316. At an average cost of $1.5M per mile, the budget would need to go up only 1.5% or $ 3 Million to incorporate necessary sound barriers near our local public elementary and middle schools.

The DOT working in conjunction with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) needs to do a noise map for Greenwich with a specific focus on these two areas as noise levels have increased dramatically in the last 3 years.
Noise from the highway can be heard at Riverside School (K-5), Eastern Middle School (6-8) and New Lebanon School (K-5). Per Eco-Healthy Childcare, a science-based, award-winning national program that seeks to improve the environmental health of children, children subjected to high noise levels are more like to have difficulty concentrating, can experience reading delays, and often exhibit higher resting blood pressures.
The noise levels near these schools are unacceptable. The DOT needs to do a noise study and work with Connecticut DEEP to address the issues along I-95.

Can you please tell me what efforts you will make to address my concerns?

<<Your name>>
<<Your address>>

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