Traffic Island gardens around Riverside

Did you know that some of the beautiful islands on the streets of Riverside are maintained by local volunteers?  We would like to THANK those volunteers for all their hard work and dedication to the flower beds at:

  • Marks Road/Riverside Ave

  • Summit Road/Spruce Street

  • Meadow Road/Marks Road

  • Gilliam Lane/Riverside Avenue

  • Miltiades Avenue/Riverside Avenue

If you see a spot that needs some beautification and would like to take on the challenge please contact Roseann Benedict via email at  We are happy to work with you to go over the process of beautifying the neighborhood.

A big shout out to the Riverside Garden Club for putting in the garden at the Riverside train station.  They have been working hard to maintain those gardens for many years.  New plants have been put in and the rainy spring will get them off to a good start.