Tell me more about the Representative Town Meeting (RTM)!

The RTM is the legislative body of Greenwich, with its powers vested by the Town Charter.  The RTM has 230 members allocated across 12 voting districts in Greenwich.  It has the authority to:

  • Initiate and pass ordinances;

  • Approve all expenditures by the town over $5,000;

  • Approve, reduce, and eliminate appropriations;

  • Decide whether the town shall accept federal or state funds for town projects;

  • Act as the final planning authority on municipal improvements;

  • Approve or reject nominations to town bodies as made by the selectmen;

  • Create special committees to deal with particular subjects such as labor contracts, claims, and redistricting; and

  • Pass "sense of the meeting" resolutions urging that other branches of government initiate desired legislation, or expressing disapproval of actions that have been taken.

Regular RTM meetings are held at Central Middle School in:

  • January:    Tuesday after MLK Day

  • March:       Second Monday

  • April:          Second Monday

  • May:           Second Monday

  • June:          Second Monday

  • September: Third Monday

  • October:       Fourth Monday

  • December:   Second Monday

RTM meetings are recorded by Greenwich Community Television and can be viewed live on Channel 79 (Cablevision). Recordings of meetings can be found here:

District Delegations
Delegations meet separately prior to the monthly meetings listed above to discuss information on the call (i.e., agenda).

  • District 5 meets in the media center of Riverside School (18 members as of 11/2017)

  • District 12 meeting in the media center of North Mianus School (21 members as of 11/2017)

Each district has one delegate (and one or more alternates) to the following standing RTM committees:

  • Appointments

  • Budget Overview

  • Claims

  • Community Development Advisory

  • Education

  • Finance

  • Health and Human Services

  • Labor Contracts

  • Land Use

  • Legislative and Rules

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Public Works

  • Technology Advisory

  • Town Services

  • Transportation

To learn more, see the RTM website or open the attached pdf.