RTM Candidates in District 12

21 seats are allocated to District 12 from the total 230 seats on the Representative Town Meeting.  Below is an alphabetical list of the 20 candidates vying for those 21 seats.

I Abaroa Daniel A.
I Agresta Thomas
I Alvarez Francia
I Amundson Craig W.
I-p Bancroft Thomas E.
I Canner Glen A.
I de Milhau David
I Hindman Barbara Galton
P Keller Mary A.
I Leonar Aaron J.
I Manganiello Edward M.
I May Robert T.
I Mennin Miriam
I Murdock Ellen
I Perelli-Minetti Carl R. "Rob"
I Telerico Samuel T.
I Whyko Donald T.
P Winston Andrew S.
I Wissmann John
I Young Holly E.D.

"I"  = Incumbents who met attendance requirements and submitted written notice to the Town Clerk of their intention as candidates for re-election.

"I-p" = Incumbents who did not attend at least 2/3 of all RTM meetings and 2/3 of all district meetings were required to petition onto the ballot by collecting 25 signatures within their district.

"P" = Candidates who petitioned on to the ballot are noted with a "P" in the left hand column.