Candidates for RTM in District 5

18 Seats are allocated to District 5 from the total 230 seats on the Representative Town Meeting.  Below is an alphabetical list of the 30 people vying for those 18 seats. 

I-p Auerbach Jason
P Baird Jennifer L.
I Bardos Jeffrey S.
P Basham Michael E.
I Benoit, Jr. Joseph H.
I Brady Robert K.
I-p Broadhurst, III Edward T.
I Cohen Ella D.
P Cooper Nancy E.
P D'Alton Barrett Stephanie L.
P Downey Christina S.
I Eberhardt Delbert G.
P Hardman Edwin D. Jr.
P Jaffe Susan M.
I Krasnor Lucy B.
I Krasnor Martin Robert
I McDonnell Shawn J.
P Monteiro Anna M.
I Olmsted Paul A.
P Oram Andrew A.
I Ozizmir Danyal
I Oztemel Karen S.
I Peldunas Brian P.
I Petersen, Jr. Thomas G.
I Roberts Patricia H.
I-p Sahrbeck Jeffrey B.
P Smith Ashley M.B.
P Thakor Joan B.
P Van Duyne Peter B.
P Walker Kathryn L.

"I"  = Incumbents who met attendance requirements and submitted written notice to the Town Clerk of their intention as candidates for re-election.

"I-p" = Incumbents who did not attend at least 2/3 of all RTM meetings and 2/3 of all district meetings were required to petition onto the ballot by collecting 25 signatures within their district.

"P" = Candidates who petitioned on to the ballot are noted with a "P" in the left hand column.