Artificial Turf at EMS? Attend CIP Hearing at Town Hall on 1/11

The Board of Education has proposed a 2018-19 budget line item in the amount of $5 million for 152,000 sq. ft. of artificial turf and performance game lights for a Greenwich middle school.  The middle school chosen could be Eastern.

On Thursday, January 11th at 6:00 PM in the Town Hall Meeting Room the Capital Improvement Program Projects Committee, which is led by First Selectman Peter Tesei and includes several town officials, is ranking potential projects -- including this budget line item for turf -- for consideration in what will be the First Selectman’s proposed 2018-19 budget.

As background, all three Greenwich middle schools (EMS, CMS and WMS) are part of the Board of Education's new 15-year master plan for the town's school facilities that is being developed by KG&D Architects.  One goal laid out within that plan is to artificially turf and light all three middle schools.  You can learn more about these plans by opening the attached master plan document.

As a Riverside resident, this public hearing is your opportunity to express your opinion about the conversion of the open green space behind EMS into an artificially turfed, lit and fenced athletic facility. The Board of Selectman is looking for residents' input.  “We want to hear what your concerns are and what your comments are so that as we go about looking at these (potential capital projects) and analyzing these over the next several weeks we have a sense of what the public’s feelings are about it,” Tesei quoted in Greenwich Time. December 20, 2017. pg. A3.

Plan to attend the CIP Public Hearing on Thursday, January 11th at 6:00 pm at Town Hall

Let us know what you think about these plans.  Results will be aggregated and presented at Town Hall.

Master Plan Addendum wCS.pdf