2017 Election Results for RTM Districts 5 and 12

From the Registrars of Voters, Town of Greenwich  at 11 PM Tuesday, 11/8/2017
All data sent is subject to re-verification. These results are unofficial. Official results are published the day after Election Day in conjunction with the Office of the Town Clerk. These results are sent as a courtesy, and their timeliness and frequency is entirely dependent on the activity of Election Day and the other responsibilities of the Registrars of Voters.

District 5 Vote Tallies:
Karen S. OZTEMEL 704
Christina S. DOWNEY 687
Nancy E. COOPER 671
Danyal OZIZMIR 628
Michael E. BASHAM 622
Joan B. THAKOR 615
Paul A. OLMSTEAD 609
Ashley M.B. SMITH 606
Lucy B. KRASNOR 599
Susan M. JAFFE 593
Patricia H. ROBERTS 591
Jennifer L. BAIRD 590
Ella D. COHEN 581
Peter G. VAN DUYNE 572
Joseph H. BENOIT, JR. 571
Kathryn L. WALKER 551
Stephanie L. D'ALTON BARRETT 538
Anna M. MONTEIRO 528
Thomas G. PETERSEN, JR. 523
Brian P. PELDUNAS 502
Andrew A. ORAM 501
Jeffrey B. SAHRBECK 495
Shawn J. MCDONNELL 463
Robert K. BRADY 454
Jeffrey S. BARDOS 425
Delbert G. EBERHARDT 377
Edwin D. HARDMAN, JR. 360
Martin Robert KRASNOR 335
Jason M. AUERBACH 252

District 12 Vote Tallies:

Barbara Galton HINDMAN 621
Mary A. KELLER 556
Holly E.D. YOUNG 550
Ellen MURDOCK 534
Miriam MENNIN 483
Samuel T. TELERICO 477
Thomas E. BANCROFT 462
Robert T. MAY 448
Francia ALVAREZ 442
Andrew S. WINSTON 428
Craig W. AMUNDSON 378
David A. Abaroa 361
Thomas AGRESTA 358
Glen A. CANNER 358
John M. WISSMANN 353
Aaron J. LEONARD 336
Donald T. WHYKO 311
David L. DEMILHAU 307


Philip T. BROUS, JR. 69
Maryalice SCHULTE 87