P&Z to hear DPW's plans for Sound Beach Avenue

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 7 PM in the Town Hall Meeting Room (1st floor), the Planning and Zoning Commission will hear the Department of Public Works' proposed plans for the reconstruction of the Cider Mill Bridge along Sound Beach Avenue and the redesign of the Perrot Library roundabout.

  1. Town of Greenwich Department of Public Works; application PLPZ 2018 00065 for Municipal Improvement for a major redesign of a street(s) and reconfiguration of Town land in the area in and around the Sound Beach Avenue/Laddins Rock Road/Harding Road traffic circle in Old Greenwich (see also Final Site Plan PLPZ 2018 00082). (Staff: KD) (Must act by 5/16/2018)

  2. Town of Greenwich Department of Public Works; application PLPZ 2018 00082 for preliminary site plan to replace the Sound Beach Avenue Bridge over Cider Mill Brook, construct a new roundabout at Sound Beach Avenue/Laddins Rock Road/Harding Road, raising the elevation of Sound Beach Avenue, and roadway and safety improvements at Sound Beach Avenue and Forest Avenue (see also Municipal Improvement PLPZ 2018 00065) (Staff: KD) (Must decide by 4/28/2018) (Maximum extension available to 7/2/2018)

Please plan to attend this meeting if you are interested in following the progress of this DPW proposal.  Alternatively, you can email your comments to Greenwich's town planner, Katie DeLuca, at Katie.DeLuca@greenwichct.org

Below — Cider Mill Brook Bridge on Sound Beach Avenue last Friday, March 3 at approximately 11:23 AM during the trifecta of a very rainy Nor'easter, high tide and a full moon.  Looking toward First Congregational Church from the sidewalk across from Perrot Library.