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Addiction - The Quiet Issue

On May 6, 2015 the Riverside Association hosted a lecture on Addiction in our community at St. Catherine's Church.  Maggie Young, the Director of Youth and Family Resources for Liberation Programs Greenwich, generously gave her time to discuss the ever present and quiet problem of addiction with the Riverside Community.  Maggie shared her immense knowledge about current trends in addiction, especially the abuse of prescription pain drugs, by people from all walks of life.  Maggie reminded us to be vigilant with our medicine cabinets and other common items around the house. She also discussed what is happening in our community and our schools as well as offering ideas on how to deal with these issues in the event they arise in our lives.  The discussion was lively, interactive, and incredibly informative.

We are grateful to Maggie Young for sharing her knowledge with us on such an important topic and giving us the tools to be more aware and proactive.  Maggie is an incredible resource and kindly offered to speak with anyone who had more questions.  We would also like to thank St. Catherine’s Church for generously donating their space to us for our lecture. 

Below are some helpful websites on substance abuse: