About Us

What Does the Riverside Association (RA) do?

Maintains Open Dialog with Residents and Authorities
• Hosts Annual Meeting in January with Town Panel to Address Local Topics
• Maintains Email Communication with RA members, issuing Community Alerts & Responding to Residents’ Concerns
• Co-hosts Biannual Selectman’s Debate for Eastern Greenwich
• Confers with Authorities on Traffic & Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety, Riverside Commons Security & Other Pressing Issues
• Represents Riverside at the Community and Police Partnership (CAPP)
• Maintains Ongoing Dialog with RTM* Districts 5 and 12
  (*Representative Town Meeting)
• Compiled and Disseminated Profiles of 2011 RTM Candidates

Coordinates with Officials to Address Local Concerns
• Initiated a Community-Wide Storm-Management Review Program
• Monitors the SWRPA* Study of Route 1 and Exit 5  (*Southwest Regional Planning  Agency)
• Hosted Fairfield County Natural Gas Line Safety Symposium
• Monitors Traffic Plans for 2013 Lockwood Overpass Closure

Endorses Community Improvement Projects
• Supports Restoration of Eastern Greenwich Civic Center
• Joins Local Civic Groups in Beautification Projects such as Train Station Spring Clean-Up and Binney Park Daffodil 

We are a 501(c)(4) organization.