Plans for old Estate Treasures building site at 1162 East Putnam before P&Z Commission in Public Hearing on October 3, 2017

1162 East Putnam Avenue, LLC c/o Fareri Associates LP (applications PLPZ 2017 00376 and PLPZ 2017 00377) are appearing for a final site plan and special permit, to renovate the two (2) existing buildings, expand the second floor of the building at 1162-1166 East Putnam Avenue, and re-stripe the parking areas and internal circulation on a 37,125 sq. ft. property located at 1154-1166 East Putnam Avenue in the LB zone.  There are 66 parking spaces planned; currently, 60 spaces are on the property.

1162-1166 East Putnam formerly housed Estate Treasures.  The first floor will be renovated to accommodate three different retail businesses requiring 34 parking spaces.  The second floor will be expanded to allow for seven apartments (3 two bedroom units, 3 one bedroom units and 1 studio).   There will be 7 parking spaces allocated to the residents, with one space per unit.  The expansion of the second floor will not change the lot coverage of the building.

1154-1156 East Putnam (located behind the old Estate Treasures at the rear of the property) will be renovated to accommodate "The School of Rock," a music instruction business.  The music school will replace a light manufacturing business operating there today.

The facade of the building closest to Putnam Avenue would look like this.  (Replaces the old Estate Treasures facade.)

The building housing the School of Rock, located at the rear of the property, would look like this.

This project will also have a hearing before the Architectural Review Committee on Wednesday, October 4.  There are no proposed landscaping or lighting improvements presented in the current plans.

Commission unanimously approves J&J Greenwich LLC project for Sheephill/Putnam intersection

On September 25 at a 4 P.M. special meeting, the Planning & Zoning Commission approved the proposal for the multi-use commercial and residential building proposed for the corner of Sheephill Road and East Putnam Avenue.   More than 50 concerned residents turned out to listen to the commission deliberate before taking its vote.

To gain four moderate income one bedroom apartments and mitigate the shortage of work force housing in Greenwich, the Commission made special exceptions to Town zoning regulations to allow a driveway from a commercial property to exit onto residential Sheephill Road at an already poorly functioning intersection with East Putnam Avenue.

The applicant, however, does need to meet other conditions including but not limited to:
  • Installing new signalling devices at the intersection to allow for an advanced green light for traffic on Sheephill Road
  • Ensuring the site is free of hazardous materials
  • Limiting days and hours of SU30 truck deliveries
  • Limiting hours of operation to 12 PM
  • Ensuring that the underground parking garage walls and roof are built to standards that allow vehicular traffic above if the Town should wish to improve the intersection in the future
  • Prohibiting fast food restaurants
  • Seeking special permit for other restaurants
  • Ensuring parking is adequate for customers generated by the business operating on the premises
Press coverage of the meeting can be found at the following links:


Planning & Zoning Commission to re-hear application
for large, mixed-use building at East Putnam Avenue/
Sheephill Road/Lockwood Lane on August 1st, 7:15 pm

J&J LLC will appear before the P&Z Commission again to get approval to merge its two properties at Sheephill Road and East Putnam Avenue in order to build the project described in detail below.  The Riverside Association will be reviewing the plans filed with the Planning Department prior to the public hearing to understand what changes, if any, have been made since this project was last presented to the P&Z Commission on June 27.  New information about the proposed project will appear on our News page on this website.

Please attend this hearing if possible; we need all the support we can garner to encourage the P&Z Commission to approve a smaller project that won't negatively impact Sheephill Road residents and create unsafe conditions for pedestrians -- particularly EMS students walking to school -- navigating this already challenging Route 1 intersection.

Planning & Zoning Commission defers decision for large mixed-use building at East Putnam Avenue/
Sheephill Road/Lockwood Lane intersection

Illustration (above) shows front elevation of the building from E. Putnam Avenue.

At its June 27 meeting, the P&Z Commission did not allow the application for the proposed 41,000+ square ft mixed-use building at the intersection of  Route 1/ Sheephill Road / Lockwood Lane to move forward.

The meeting room at Town Hall was filled with residents stating their concerns about the size of the project, the safety at that intersection for pedestrians (including EMS students) and cars, and the precedent it sets for the Putnam Avenue corridor. The project was discussed from 7:15 until almost 10:30 p.m.

Riverside Association board members presented feedback collected from residents via email, telephone and our online petition  -- which is now part of the public record regarding this proposed project.

Thanks to all for making your views known so that we can be your voice. We'll continue to monitor the plans for this intersection and share that information with you as it develops.

Greenwich Free Press covered the meeting proceedings.


Click here to find detailed plans on our News page


Replacement of Bridge over Cider Mill Brook on Sound Beach Avenue and intersection improvements at Sound Beach Avenue, Laddins Rock Road and Harding Road
Town Project Number 12-17, Bridge #03954

The Town of Greenwich has completed the preliminary design for the replacement of the bridge on Sound Beach Avenue over Cider Mill Brook (just south of Perrot Library) and roundabout at the intersection of Sound Beach Avenue, Laddins Rock Road, and Harding Road in order to make the intersection more efficient and safer for the travelling public and pedestrians.

A public information session on this project took place at Town Hall on May 18, 2017.  Changes to the roundabout and streetscape along Binney Park will be significant if this project proceeds as currently planned.  The Riverside Association will post more information on the proposal and what was discussed as soon as the Department of Public Works makes it available to us. 


Greenwich Police Community Impact Officers Dan Paladino, Keith Hirsch and Sgt. John Thorme  offered the advice above to those who attended Riverside Association's meeting in March at St. Catherine's Church.  Most of the cars stolen in Greenwich are unlocked with the keys inside. 

Don't create the opportunity for thieves to take advantage of you.  Be aware of the situation around you.  Call the Greenwich Police Department non-emergency number (203-622-800) if you see something that's out of the ordinary.

We can all work together to make Riverside safe!

Riverside Railroad Bridge recognized as Landmark

Please take a fresh look at the cast-iron Riverside RR bridge when you next drive over it.  It has been recognized as part of Greenwich Landmarks in 2015 by the Greenwich Historical Society.

Recent Announcements

  • Coffee with a Cop on Wed., October 4, 2017 in Riverside Come meet the men and women of the Greenwich Police Department who keep our streets safe.They will be at Starbucks in Riverside Commons (1253 East Putnam Ave.) from 8 AM to 10:3o.  Stop by and say "Hello."
    Posted Oct 3, 2017, 1:25 PM by Elizabeth Peldunas
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    Posted Sep 22, 2017, 5:09 PM by Elizabeth Peldunas
  • Candidates for RTM in District 5 18 Seats are allocated to District 5 from the total 230 seats on the Representative Town Meeting.  Below is an alphabetical list of the 30 people vying for those 18 seats.  Incumbents are noted with an "I" in the left column.  Candidates who petitioned on to the ballot are noted with a "P" in the left hand column.  I Auerbach Jason P Baird Jennifer L. I Bardos Jeffrey S. P Basham Michael E. I Benoit, Jr. Joseph H. I Brady Robert K. I Broadhurst,III Edward T. I Cohen Ella D. P Cooper Nancy E. P D'Alton Barrett Stephanie L. P Downey Christina S. I Eberhardt Delbert G. P Hardman Edwin D. Jr. P Jaffe Susan M. I Krasnor ...
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